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So disappointing.

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Appalling business! Don’t believe website’s offer of ‘free of charge, no obligation fault finding sercive (sic) on vacuum cleaners, We will let you know the complete price and then it's up to you what you want to do.’ Told him clearly, 3 separate times, we wanted to know what fault was with hoover before deciding whether to repair (5 mth old hoover, still in warranty): said he was to call b4 doing anything. Waited 6 days! He called & said had already repaired ‘faults’. These ‘faults’ included unblocking hoover from dust (apparently ‘dust’ & hoovers don’t go – who knew?!), doing something to brush assembly, fitting a new belt – something we’re convinced wasn’t needed. Couldn’t prove this though as he claimed he couldn’t show us original belt as ‘It had gone inside hoover’ (the hoover he’d supposedly just cleaned out!) I said am not paying for work when I’d stated clearly I didn’t want any repair done, only a fault check. He claimed it had been repaired in last half-hour then asked for £25! I pointed out £25 is very steep for half-hour’s work so he then denied he’d said it! I said I wouldn’t pay £25, stressing I’d only asked for free fault check advertised on his website. Said I’d pay £15 for unblocking it as I knew hoover warranty wouldn’t cover that. He then, very childishly, told me he was going to undo the ‘repairs’ & put the dust back inside hoover. I told him that was criminal damage & I would take him to Small Claims. On collecting hoover, he said he hadn’t put any dust back in but had removed new fan belt. I asked for old one as proof of its damage – see previous comment. I offered again to pay £15 for the unblocking – he refused, saying ‘I just want shot of yer now!’ or similar. My carer took hoover to car & I tried to follow but my wheelchair couldn’t manage his doorway – he just watched as I struggled. Such a pleasant, mature man – a pleasure to do business with! NOT!
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